Integrated Research for the Future of the Production in Germany

Germany's economic performance is unlike any other western industrialized countries in line with the production of goods. Almost every second job position in our country is involved. The primary tasks and strength developed in decades in the production technology and the associated research must be safeguarded.  Also with an eye on Europe it must be expanded. In a time of increasing environmental and climate protection efforts, rising raw material scarcity and demographic change in the future, Germany has to rethink. Away from highly specialized individual solutions, towards a holistic, sustainable factory.

With the lead Project E³-Production, the Fraunhofer closely monitored this aspect. The three basic elements: efficiency in production technology, efficient production and efficient working environments were put in a synergetic context. Fraunhofer scientists from 13 institutes are researching together and integrative on the development of new machines, technologies and processes. With the main focus on a holistic innovation framework for developing future competitive production technologies. This will help conserve resources and to ensure the production and energy networks at the factory of tomorrow. In addition, the people should be involved in the production of the future and its integrative role in the production processes to be reassessed. The generated key project in E³-production solutions are transferred more quickly into practice and key sectors for the topics to be sensitized. By 2016, demonstrators and pilot applications arise at four Fraunhofer locations in Germany. Where advanced technologies and processes, factory planning concepts and human-centered assistance systems for sustainable production and upscale synergies between the E³ columns are tested and presented.

Efficient Processes and Products

Efficient Factory


Efficient Working Environment